Sunday, March 30, 2008

that bark

I guess Beckett wants to be just like his big brother. Eli celebrated his 4 month birthday by intoducing his mama and daddy to croup. Beckett woke up at midnight last night with that familiar, awful sounding bark and dry, raspy cry. At least we knew what to do this time. Four times last night we sat in the bathroom with the hot shower steaming the whole place up. It worked. Four times, he fell asleep in my arms, and even managed a few smiles.

Croup is usually worse the second and third nights, so it stinks that we have to wait until the morning to see the doctor. Unless we feel like braving the ER. I'm praying it doesn't get that bad...

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The Donely's... said...

Croup is the worst. I hope they are feeling better. Good to talk to you the other day.