Monday, March 17, 2008

Everyone Poops

There's common sense, and common knowledge- the stuff you hope most people know and agree on. Then there's this whole other category of information that you jump into when you have a baby and try to raise him or her into a semi-responsible adult. This is an example.

If you're a parent, I'm guessing you read the words "Everyone Poops" with an entirely different perspective than the rest of the world. Parents, they know this: It's a book title. It's popular. Very popular.

And we don't have this book merely to acknowledge the common knowledge that everyone poops. We want our kids to know this, and join us in idea that the toilet is the best place to, well, poop.

Potty training is on the horizon. I'm praying this will be Eli's idea soon enough, because I'd rather not make this a battle. I'd rather he just choose to join us in a little common sense.

(After nearly a month of not blogging, you were waiting for something more profound?)


The Moore Family said...

Poop is always profound enough for us! :)

libbydibby said...

good for you for waiting. i'm assuming I have told you about our extended (18 mo) process that I mistakenly began too early...
it was the most painful experience ... trying to potty train, while breastfeeding another kiddo
"what a great idea! I'll give the bigger kid a way to torture me while they are jealous! How ingenious!"

most 6 year olds are just the same, no matter if they trained at 2 or 3.

trust your gut on this one