Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Before I'm Thankful

I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves to other people. But I've noticed something. Every once in a while, comparisons make me thankful. Not the kind that slowly turns to pride or envy, but the kind that give perspective. I wish it would last. It rarely does.

Joel's uncle lost his wife in a car accident last week. She was driving home, talking to him on the phone when it happened. She died instantly. In one moment, his life changed. I'm sure there are many things he would like to say to her about things that did or didn't matter in the end.

Perspective. Joel and I kissed each morning this week before he left for work. We chose laughter in a tense moment. I didn't worry about cleaning up every mess before friends came over for dinner. We bought ice cream. We prayed together. We resisted the urge to put away the pots and pans as fast as Eli pulled them out. We said "thank you" often. We loved each other better.

Thank you Cassie.