Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Since the day we found out that Team Lindsey would include three of the male variety, we have prayed for the boys to be close. So far, so good.

Every morning, as Beckett wakes up (in our bed, yes, which is another post for another day) rolls over and pats Daddy on the back, he says, "Da-da...Da-da...Da-da." On the rare occasion that it doesn't wake J up, Beckett rolls back over to my side and pulls my hair, or sticks his fingers up my nose, depending on which way I'm facing. Nice, huh? At first, I thought this finger- up-the-nose-pinching move was an accident courtesy of his uncoordinated little fingers, but he does it pretty consistently, and uses the same maneuver on J if he happens to be facing him. Apparantly, he's very practical. Of course it gets us up, because, ouch, little fingers and little fingernails are quite a startling and effective way to wake up drowsy parents.

Once he has successfully gotten our attention, he puts in his request for the person he really wants to see. Or maybe he just notices that one family member is missing from this morning snuggle time. "Eee-I.....Eee-I....E-I.....Eeeee-IIII."

He is saying Eli. He says it alot. We thought it was a fluke, because 9 months is on the young side for talking. But it's not a fluke. He repeats it immediately after J calls for Eli. He says it when Eli walks out of the room. He says it as a scoots on his belly across the hardwood floors, looking for Eli. He says it with a giant grin when Eli walks back into the room. He says it in his high chair while he watches Eli eat.

Call it wishful thinking, but we're taking it as a sign of some answered prayers. These boys will be friends. Best of friends. And brothers.

Friday, September 5, 2008


We met

casually in 1997 at Princeton, NJ

maybe in 1999 but I can't really remember

grateful and sobered in 2001, a wedding in California

cautious and intrigued summer of 2002, emails from Georgia to Missouri and back again

curious and butterflied and ice cream in hand, fall of 2002

with his car full and dreams for a future, fall of 2003

with a ring and a question, winter of 2004

at the alter

four years ago


And now there are four.

And now there are Four.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a late night question

So, last night, kids asleep, dishes done, house quiet, I was craving a little snack. Cookies in hand, I wondered...

Does the organic 1% milk cancel out the 6 Oreos?