Sunday, March 30, 2008

that bark

I guess Beckett wants to be just like his big brother. Eli celebrated his 4 month birthday by intoducing his mama and daddy to croup. Beckett woke up at midnight last night with that familiar, awful sounding bark and dry, raspy cry. At least we knew what to do this time. Four times last night we sat in the bathroom with the hot shower steaming the whole place up. It worked. Four times, he fell asleep in my arms, and even managed a few smiles.

Croup is usually worse the second and third nights, so it stinks that we have to wait until the morning to see the doctor. Unless we feel like braving the ER. I'm praying it doesn't get that bad...

Friday, March 28, 2008

7 Eleven for the Finest in Fusion

I remember laughing as the server rattled off the made up appetizers in the movie Office Space. Pizza Shooters? No thank you. But they were fake, so it was funny.

Here's some culinary fusion gone too far. It's hanging on a sign outside the 7-Eleven. "Asian Rollers and Big Gulp- $1.99" Are they serious? Is that supposed to attract customers?

I'm a nerd, so I went to their website to try link to the offer. It gets even better. Here's their new offer. Wake Up And Smell The Slurpee®! 7-Eleven® Debuts Slurpuccino™ – First Coffee-Flavored Slurpee Drink

The Slurpuccino? Really? It that supposed to bring about pleasant thoughts? Because all I can picture is some obnoxious person slurping their latte in the seat next to me at Starbucks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Monitor Is On

Joel and I were talking about this the other day, and it stuck with me.

It's happened to both of us. One of us up in Eli's room, trying to get him ready for bed, the other is downstairs in the kitchen. It's easy to hear on the monitor that he's in a two year-old mood.

"I don't want to change my diaper."
"I don't want to take my shoes off."
"No, I can do it."
"I don't want those pajamas."
"I don't want milk, I want apple juice."

On those occasions, the monitor helps. To know the other parent is possibly listening to the dialogue and events occuring upstairs challenges us to be a little more patient, a little more firm, a little more creative, or a little more kind. It's the string tied on my finger to remind me to find every possible way of working with Eli, to not give into my own frustration, or act like a two year old myself. Maybe I shouldn't need that kind of accountability- that tangible reminder of what I should already be doing anyway. It should be enough that God is always present. But the truth it does help me be a little more aware and intentional. I guess God is using baby monitors too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Maple Syrup

I'm not sure why, but the top of Beckett's head smells like maple syrup today. Yum!

Easter '08: 101 Degrees & Snowing

This was a strange Easter. Eli still had a fever of 101, so the three of us stayed home while Joel went to church. It was freezing outside, and yes, it even snowed!

Spring, where are you???

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Truth About Cookies

Can I recommend a great book for the whole family?

Eli has been "reading" his books lately. He basically has all of this books memorized. There are a few words out of place here and there, and some that he can't quite pronounce, but it's funny to see his independent streak coming through here as well. He started by saying, "No, I talk to the book." Now he says, "No, I will read it." Sometimes, he opens the book, pauses, and asks, "What does it say?" but he only lets us get a word or two out before he is talking over us, reciting the book.
This book has super illustrations and uses cookies to talk about some great concepts and life lessons. For example "Trustworthy means, if you ask me to hold your cookie until you come back, when you come back, I will still be holding your cookie." I'm sure he doesn't understand most of it, but the other day, we had to wonder.

The book really says reads: Fair means, You get a bite, I get a bite.
Eli's two year old version? Fair means, I get a bite and I get a bite.

Well, at least he's honest.

How to Shrink Your House

Just in case you're wondering, the best way make your house feel half it's original size is to buy a junior drum set for your two year old. It is LOUD.

Trust me.

(Good thing it's so stinkin' cute to watch him play.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To Be Two

Last night, Eli was stalling on bed time. He wanted to listen to "hallelujah" one more time. (It's really called Before the Throne.) He wanted to brush his teeth by himself. He wanted to sit in the "big boy" seat.

Then, he stuck his fingers in his ears and declared his new discovery. "The music gets quiet." Ah, to be two.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Aunt Jenn's Bed

I put away Aunt Jenn's bed tonight. She left Monday evening, but I we've all been in a bit of denial, so I left the futon all made up as if she might need it again in the next day or so. Eli came into the office and said, "Where is Aunt Jenn's bed?" I didn't think he'd notice, since it's been a "couch" for much longer than it's ever been a "bed".

We prepped Eli the day Aunt Jenn left that when he woke up from his nap, she would be on an airplane. That evening, while we were in his room, we heard a helicopter flying. I asked him, "Eli, do you hear that? What is it?" He said, "It's a helicoptor! Aunt Jenn is flying on a helicopter!!"

We were thrilled to have Aunt Jenn come for a visit last week. It all came about rather quickly, but it's a trip we've been hoping for for a long time. She met Beckett, and he offered up some of his intoxicating little smiles. She and Eli read books together, he recited some Curious George, and she got to see how much he truly enjoys the library she has sent him over his two short years. We packed in a trip to the Magic House and zoo, church, the "breakfast store", an evening with the Maples, and still had time to relax at the house.

I was just so thankful to have her here. She loves her nephews, studies their personalities, delights in them, laughs with them. She is funny, kind, creative, thoughtful and easy to be around. And there are plenty of other reasons to be thankful. I am thankful that someone from Joel's family could see his life here in St. Louis. I am thankful for the conversations he and Jenn got to have. I am thankful for the fresh perspective that comes from looking at our life through someone else's eyes- my marriage, family, community, and home are true blessings. Sometimes, it's easy for me to lose sight of those everyday blessings.

Everyone Poops

There's common sense, and common knowledge- the stuff you hope most people know and agree on. Then there's this whole other category of information that you jump into when you have a baby and try to raise him or her into a semi-responsible adult. This is an example.

If you're a parent, I'm guessing you read the words "Everyone Poops" with an entirely different perspective than the rest of the world. Parents, they know this: It's a book title. It's popular. Very popular.

And we don't have this book merely to acknowledge the common knowledge that everyone poops. We want our kids to know this, and join us in idea that the toilet is the best place to, well, poop.

Potty training is on the horizon. I'm praying this will be Eli's idea soon enough, because I'd rather not make this a battle. I'd rather he just choose to join us in a little common sense.

(After nearly a month of not blogging, you were waiting for something more profound?)