Monday, November 12, 2007

Logically Speaking

Eli has been hilarious lately. He's testing out new words and phrases, and finding some that he especially likes. Favorites are, "right now," "because," "um," "and so then."

A few examples...

"I'm holding the granola bar...because I'm eating it right now." (Last night, while walking around at the park.)

"I'm sorry, we can't go to the zoo right now, because it's raining outside." (The other day, while looking out the window. A few weeks before, we had to skip a trip to the zoo due to the rain.)

Today at breakfast, I turned on the kitchen light. Eli said a minute or so later, "Turn the light off." Joel asked, "Why do you want the light off?" He replied, "Because it's on."

"The hippos are crying, because they can't see an excavator." (This afternoon, while we read Hippos Go Berzerk before his nap. The excavator knowledge is complements of the road construction on Hwy 40.)

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