Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Bobcats go in circles"

I don't think it's possible to forget this stage of Eli's life. But just in case...

Eli is OBSESSED with Bobcats!!!

Common phrases you might hear from him.
"Bobcats dig in the dirt."
"Bobcats go in circles!" (He likes to use this sentence as a greeting, in place of the more common "hi."He got it because of the videos he watches on YouTube with Joel where the Bobcats do go in circles.)
"Bobcat music." (Courtesy of background music on the YouTube video.)
"I'm crazy about Bobcats."
"The Bobcat is working now."
"The Bobcat is resting now."
" They might be in the garage right now." (He loves adding "right now" on the end of his sentences these days.
"I'm looking for Bobcats right now," or "Look for Bobcats." (He says this every time we get in the car."
"Keep looking. I don't see one right now." (While we drive, if we haven't seen one."
"Eli, look at that Bobcat!!!!" (When he spots one, which is more frequent than you our I would ever imagine.
"There's the con-suc-sions worker on the Bobcat."
"I ride on the Bobcat."
Yes, I actually pray for Bobcats. At naps or bedtime, he will often request that we pray for them. Or, when we're driving, sometimes I ask God to let us cross paths or point us in the right direction.
Just one example of the things that surprise you about parenting.

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