Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Countdown...

I'm trying to ignore the fact that it's been months since I wrote anything here. It certainly isn't because life has been boring. There are so many wonderful and hard things I'd like to remember, and it gets more overwhelming each day to think about capturing it here. It's the same old issue. I stink at summarizing ANYTHING.

This entry is me trying to overcome the tendency to scrap the whole thing if I can't do it the way I originally intended.

And here's where we're at now.

Ready. 10 days until our due date. Yes, I can think of the a million things I would love to do before our new little boy gets here, but really, we are ready. It feels great, especially when it comes to our house being so much more put together then when Eli was born. It feels like a home. No drywall dust. Closets with clothes hanging in them. Walls. Paint. Pictures on the wall. And it's amazing how much Joel and I have gotten done in the past three weeks. Lots of things that aren't directly related to the baby, like cleaning out the basement, but are motivated by the awareness that life as we know it will change completely. I'm very aware that my "spare" time is about to disappear.

I think, I hope, I'm doing a little of my typical "worst case scenario" planning here. I am planning on being overwhelmed, tired, stuck in the house alot, lonely, challenged by the new level of discipline having two kids will require, concerned over how Eli will handle the transition and less attention, aware that number two may not be the easy baby that Eli was, etc. But I'm also aware that I will have the opportunity to find moments to savor, and that there will be a sweetness in it all.

Our family is growing...and so is our joy.

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