Monday, December 1, 2008

real quick

In my dreams, I am organized, efficient, and decisive. And fast. If you know one thing about me, it is probably that just about the only thing I can do quickly is talk. Other than that, I have 4 speeds. Slow, slower, at rest, and ticked-off fast. I don't get mad very often, which means I am mostly, well, slow. I can function at at slightly faster pace, as long as it is the only thing I am concentrating on.

For example, my attempt at a quick shower.

"Ooh, I only have 10 minutes before Joel leaves for work. Now's my chance for a shower. Gotta make it quick. Hurry, start the water. Quick, get in, no time for eye brow grooming or checking for any new skin issues. No time for weighing in. Get in, get out. Is the water warm yet? Ok, getting in. Hurry, wet hair, apply soap lather, rinse. Rinse. Ahh, warm water. Rinsing a little more. Just standing here, with my eyes closed...thinking about the day ahead. Hmmm, maybe this should be a tad warmer. Ahh, that's much better. In just a minute, I'll wash my face. Just need to stand here in the tropical paradise for a few more seconds. Then, I'll move." 10 minutes later, with the bathroom steaming, I emerge, in awe again of the time warp I just encountered, again.

The same thing happens with my attempt to "quickly" check my email, run to the grocery store, or worse, Target, get a snack, run back into the house for something I forgot, call a friend.

Surely, there are some redeeming qualities to this personality trait?

Think I'll reflect on that during tomorrow morning's shower.

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