Friday, August 8, 2008

so they say

One morning last week, with the forecast for the day of upper 90's, E was standing in front of his wardrobe, picking out a shirt to wear. He wanted to wear "the guitar one" with long sleeves.

"No, let's pick a different one, that one's too hot," Daddy said.

E picked two more long sleeve shirts, which we also told him were too hot, and explained that any of the ones with short sleeves would be nice and cool.

We didn't think any more about it until he woke up the next morning, pointed to his closet and declared in an earnest, excited voice, "Da-ddy! The shirts are not hot anymore! They cooled off!"


kptwin said...

auntie mel,
mom has been reading these to us. It helps keep eli and beckett "freshin r hearts" (as eme says). We are off to go make a faux hawk on baby kaisa.
aiden & eme

Casey Kelly said...

that is too funny. to be two and take everything so literally!