Monday, August 4, 2008


There is a serious threat to our family budget just minutes from our house. I can't really describe why it draws me in several times a week, or why I enjoy going there so much, but I do know it's exactly what the marketing folks at Target are working so hard to achieve. Draw her in for trash bags and hypnotize her, make her stay.

Getting out of Target for under $30 requires serious and constant focus. Walk past the dollar aisle, look away from the happy shirts and shorts, linger not at the clearance end-cap, walk around the children's clothing section, and so on.

Since I don't want to justify a Target category in our budget, I recently started limiting myself to a once a week fix, um, I mean shopping trip. No more recreational Targeting. I will go with a list, and I will follow it. Mostly. But getting out for under $10? I consider that a huge accomplishment. It may never happen again, but at least I can say I did it once. July 22, 2008. 4:44 PM.

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libbydibby said...

we HAVE a category in our budget called TARGET.
hope you're enjoying the purple shoes... did you see my red ones today?