Thursday, May 29, 2008


It became apparent pretty early in our relationship that Joel and I have much different styles when it comes to unpacking. There were seasons in my job- a lifetime ago- when I traveled every week. When I came home, the last thing I wanted to do was touch my suitcase. That green Samsonite sat in the corner of my room, untouched, for days. I'd slowly pull things out as I needed them. Or after I'd looked everywhere else I finally remembered that they were still in the suitcase.

To Joel, it was absolutely maddening. When he comes home from a trip? It goes something like this. Sort through the mail, unload the car, use the bathroom, and unpack all of the bags. The whole affair is done about 20 minutes. And, truthfully, over the years, I've come to see his point. Why drag it out?

We've been home for over a week now from our trip to California. We enjoyed our time there, but when we finally got home we were tired. Traveling with two young kids is quite a bit of work. And then, there were those souvenir colds we brought home with us. I really just wanted to sleep for a few days. But like I said, I'm making progress, so those suitcases? Emptied the next day. Then I went grocery shopping, Joel did laundry...we slowly eased back into our routines.

But there's this camera. It's worse the my old green suitcase. It's not running shoes and pajamas and pantsuits. It's pictures of the boys and cousins and starfish and vineyards. It's funny little phrases and moments I don't want to forget about our trip.

Time to finish unpacking.

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ceress said...

I'm tried just reading and thinking about all work you guys did to get here and back- and then I think, as a gift-we gave you the colds-the "big kids" have been sick- It was wonderful to have here!!! now, we're sad you gone and so far away:(-

hey, we might get to see Casey this weekend-Love, me