Monday, January 21, 2008

Old Friends

I'm not sure of when this legend becomes reality. I heard my parents talk about "old friends" when I was growing up. I figured I'd have some someday. When I was a grown up. You know, old.

There have been several reminders this past year that I am, officially, a grown up. I plucked my first three gray hairs this year. I am part of a mom's group. I have a grocery list on my fridge. I've worn the latest fads the last time they were fads.

And I have old friends. Wonderful, beautiful, you-always-feel-comfortable, old friends. I am blessed.

I got to see Cheryl this past week, visiting from Minneapolis. The hours were precious. Julie, Cheryl and I managed a few complete sentences among all the chaos that 6 kids can create. It occurred to me, when we lined up our kiddos on the couch (minus Beckett, who was snoozin') that maybe our kids will become old friends too.

At the very least, they'll grow up hearing us talk each other, and will aspire to have and be an "old friends" too.

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