Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Forget the Lyrics

The time has come.

We may have to ask Eli, at certain times, to stop singing. I have so anticipated his love for music, and celebrated each new sign that he will have a passion for it. I never thought about the times when it would be inconvenient. I've readied myself for long recitals, the loud unending ruckus of him someday learning to play the drums, pleading requests for concert tickets...but I wasn't ready for this.

Messing with his naptime?

He is starting to skip naps. And not in the typical two year old fashion. Sure, he sometimes protests laying down. But several times over the past two weeks, it's been a new problem.


At the top of his lungs.

The other day, in the baby monitor, I heard the quiet rustle of him shifting in his bed. The "plink plink" of him playing with his binkie. And then,

"Haaaaaa lay luuuuuu yaaaaaaah!'

Quiet for a few minutes.

"Dis is how we know what love is- Jesus Christ lay down his wife."

Yikes!! Not only his he not sleeping, his theology is a little off. That's supposed to be Jesus Christ laid down his life."

This went on for 45 minutes. Silence broken by new ideas of songs that couldn't be contained. I went upstairs and told him it was time to go night night.

He was quiet. And then,

"Haaaaa laaay luuuuuyaaaaaaah"

I smiled and enjoyed the sweet melody. He can always catch up on sleep, right? Yep, because this is just too precious. The other day, he sang this version of Come Thou Fount.

"Come dow fount of evwee bleseen, tune my howt to seen dy gwace. Sweet dreams mercy, never ceaseem call for soms of loudest pwaise."

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