Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Water & Sunshine

I first joked with Joel that I was part plant. Then I realized I wasn't really kidding. Joel can tell if I've been outside. Direct a few sunbeams at my head and watch my spirit smile. Put me in or near water AND sunshine and watch it soar. I've even apologized a few times for the silly mood that the combination of the two can bring.
We just got back from Phoenix, AZ. We were all thrilled to leave rainy St. Louis behind for a few days and soak up some desert sun. We swam, slept, explored, ate, talked, and Joel enjoyed a 36 holes of golf. Eli pleaded with us as soon as he woke up each morning. "Outsiiiiiiide? Outsiiiiiide?" It was 5:45 a.m. since he was still 2 hours ahead on St. Louis time.

By 9:30 a.m. it was warm enough to go to the pool, and he was floating around in the water in his "boat".

But he was just as content to sit on our laps, read a book, and soak up some sun.

His favorite thing of all surprised us.
Rocks. I didn't even realize that we don't have rocks around our house until he became obsessed with them there. He'd see a landscaped area with rocks, point and call out "yocks! yocks!" then plop down on his bottome, placing them one by one on the cement until he had a large pile. Then put each of them back. I don't know how long he would spend on this project if we let him. I never lasted more than a half hour before I needed a change of scenery or a softer seat.

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