Monday, March 28, 2011

Salad & Showering

Do you remember the Seinfeld where Kramer discovered the joys of meal prepping in the shower? I think I need a waterproof computer. That's where most of my uninterrupted thinking happens. Today's excuse for my 20 minutes in shower:

- For the past 7 years my husband has been a pastor. One way I supported his role is in trying to love, encourage, and serve the people in our church and community. In theory, I've known that this is what I'm called to do regardless of his job. For now, he isn't "professionally" a pastor. I'm so relieved to feel the same desire to love the people that God places around us. I'm reminded, grateful, and reassured it has nothing to do with a "job."

- Anger has always made me nervous. It seems so messy and unpredictable. I'm realizing that I've been operating under this false ideal. My recipe for being angry without sinning?

1) Recognize that I feel angry.
2) Stop everything.
3) Wait until all feelings subside before doing anything.

This ideal doesn't fit very well with Jesus overturning tables in the temple. He didn't go away, meditate for a few hours, come back and explain to the money-changers over tea why he was displeased with their actions. This doesn't mean I get to fly off the handle when I'm angry, but it does mean if I keep waiting until I'm not angry to address certain issues, I'm likely to feel "stuck" in ways God never intended.

- I can't believe Schaeffer will be 1 soon. We're coming up the age where people often ask if we are "done". The truth? I wish it was possible to have 5 more children AND be at the stage of life where Joel and I can take a trip, go on dates, reliably sleep through the night, or have the energy to have fun not sleeping through the night. I love our kids, and yet I know one of the best gifts we can give them is two happily married parents.

- Gifts and privileges do not, on their own, create a grateful heart. Entitlement is the enemy of gratitude. True of me, and true of my kids.

- I've always been able to adapt easily to different people and situations. It's a blessing. But there's a fine line between being adaptable and co-dependant. I need to spend more time asking what God is doing in me, what He's calling me to, and how He's wired me, instead of what a person or situation "needs" from me.

So, that's what I've got. Not as impressive as Kramer's radish roses. But the boys are restless and excited for their trip to the Dollar Store today, and I did, after all, take a 20 minute shower followed by some computer time. Some multi-tasking is better left undone.

Time to go be a momma.

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Hollie said...

And a good mama you are...