Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Another word that has entirely new meaning for me these days. A word that brings a whole lot of hope to many parents, like us, whose little ones are plagued with ear infections. The hope of quiet, restful nights, of fewer trips to the pediatrician, of less midnight doses of Tylenol or Motrin to ease earaches and cool fevers. The frivolous luxury of sleeping through the night.

B got tubes this morning.

It made us feel better to call it a "procedure" instead of surgery, but the idea of our 14 month old "going under" general anesthetic wasn't fun. We just kept reminding ourselves that this is simple as far as surgeries go...not the heart surgery that some parents have to face.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am. The original plan was for Joel and I to take B together and have friend come over to watch snoozing big brother. When E came down with a stomach virus yesterday, we thought it was best not to leave a feverish and vomiting 3 year old without mom or dad, so Joel stayed home with him while I took B for his "procedure."

The nurses and doctors were great. There was no dramatic moment of them wheeling a screaming baby away as I tearfully let go of his hand. Instead, I handed him, drowsy and sedated, to the nurse, who carried him to the operating room as the anesthesiologist wheeled the gurney behind them. I appreciate that. Within a few minutes, the Dr. came in to tell me that everything went well, and he gave me the post op instructions. Later, I heard Beckett coming down the hall, crying in confusion as he came to. And they placed him in my arms, where he gradually calmed down-it was the car keys that really did the trick. By 10:20, we were in the car, on our way home.

So, with one boy recovering from a procedure and the other a tummy bug, there is still Tylenol and Motrin to administer. It's been a long day. But I'm feeling hopeful that there is rest ahead.


The Moore Family said...

I hear ya! I hears a little one crying while the Dr. was in talking w/ us and thought it was the 18 mo. old that was going in next. When I saw Baby Girl and realized it was her, it took everything in me not to fall apart. I did grab her from the nurse! :) She was good to go w/in about 15 min. and some "nerny" time!!

Melissa said...

Yeah, when I finally realized it was Beckett in the hallway, I rushed to get him, but the nurse firmly told me to sit down first so they could check my bracelet. It was all I could do not to say, "Are you NUTS? Give me my child!" But I was three steps from our room, so I tried not to lose it. : ) Funny how "mama bear" kicks in.

jwn said...

glad it went well! the shrimp story is hilarious.. thanks for sharing =) if you get a chance, check out the video i just posted on facebook - it's from early january, the same day that she somehow learned how to get a cd out the cd player =p