Sunday, January 25, 2009


The other day, Eli was coloring. I asked him if he was done.

"Yes, I'm all done. And now, I can turn it over like this (gesturing by turning his open palm from face up to face down) to reduce waste."

I was pretty sure I was hearing things.

"To what?"

"You could turn it over like this, to reduce waste,." he repeated.

"Oh. Did you learn that at school?"

"No, from Miss Rosa on PBS Kids. She says, 'When you are done, turn it over like this to reduce waste. You can learn more fun ways to reduce waste and help the environment at PBS Kids dot org. ' "

Well okay then. I guess he was listening.


The Moore Family said...

Oh MY WORD! This made me laugh out loud! Big Sis asks a lot about and always makes Jeff laugh! :)

Eryn said...

i am so glad i do not have the only kids who repeat commercials verbatim.
ella keeps telling me she NEEDS the "snuggie".