Monday, May 7, 2007

The Kuck

I think it started two days ago. Now it's in full swing. This little boy has fallen in love with his truck.

I bought it when he was a few months old, but he never paid much attention to it. For several weeks, he's been calling out ever truck and bus he sees, including a very exciting few days when our neighbors across the street had a new patio and sidewalk poured. Ahhh, the cement truck. Eli stood on the couch and barely left the window when that truck was there.

So the other evening, when I was getting him ready for bed, he walked over to the shelf where his toys are, pulled the red fire engine down, and said "Kuck." He carried it over to the chair where we read books, and wanted it in his lap with us. That next morning, when I went to get him up, he declared enthusiastically, "Kuck!" (instead of "fam", "mama", "daddy", "fun", "waffle", or "owside"- the favorites up to this point.) And he insisted on carrying it downstairs with him for breakfast. He pushed it across the floor on his knees, spin the tires, and carried it from room to room. That evening, the truck had to come upstairs for bed too. He's not trying to sleep with it...yet.

We love this little boy.

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