Thursday, February 15, 2007


I remember using blankets and pillows. Or the space under my parent rolltop desk. The bottom bunk of our bunk beds. In the summer, it was the family tent-trailer, when the top was down. Forts. Those little spaces that are just the right size for a kid. Eli got a tent for Christmas from The Kunz family. It was on backorder, so it came this month, on a particulary cold day when we were all experiencing a little cabin fever. If only a new toy would magically appear at the door. We opened the box right away...

Joel put it together...

... and Eli immediately fell in love with the tent.

Each morning, he smile, points and says "tet". Sometimes he reads, sometimes he brushes his teeth, sometimes he plays with his truck or talks on the phone. But it's his tet...and we all know, everything is more fun in the fort.

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