Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas Cards

Christmas cards. Why is this so overwhelming?

First, I build the project up in my head. The perfect card, the perfect price (affordable), the perfect picture, the perfect list, the perfect place and time to assemble and hand address the cards, the perfect letter to share perfectly fun and poignant stories of our year.

And this is why, every year, they get stuck. Stuck in my head, or in the boxes, or on our computer. (Yes, we actually wrote a letter last year!) All I really want to do is wish people a Merry Christmas.

So this year, we sent them. With labels, not hand addressed. Not signed. Some with crooked pictures, with no letter inside, and they might not even arrive on time.

So what do we have? A cute idea (thank you Tati), a picture of an adorable little boy, a mom who is learning not to wait until the perfect time, a dad who is patient and helpful, cards assembled with care, and a very blessed family wishing people we love a Merry Christmas.

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